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I help senior associates and junior partners build their practices and
develop business, so that they have a snowball's chance in hell of making equity partner.

It would be great if storks delivered ideal new clients to our doorsteps, but storks they don't, so lawyers have to market. Marketing, however, pushes our buttons and amplifies our insecurities (after all, BigLaw and MidLaw lawyers aren't used to professional failure or rejection). But a systematic approach (and working with someone who demystifies the process and is militantly in your corner) will result in a stream of new work faster, with a lot less pain, and fewer false starts.

You know that building your practice is critical to your career’s long-term success

What is the definition of success? I define it as:
  • Job security and growth
  • Doing meaningful work and working with clients you love
  • Control over your career and your life
  • Recognition of your professional expertise by your peers and your clients
If this is similar to your definition of success...

Let's Talk

"I enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Maria. As a successful lawyer, Maria understands the challenges of business development in the legal profession and how to navigate those challenges. Like many lawyers, I have a high resistance to “selling.” Working with Maria, I’ve learned that it’s not about selling, but rather about consistent and authentic relationship building. I’ve worked with coaches in the past, with mixed results. Maria stands out because of her depth of knowledge about the legal profession, and her creative approach. I also know that Maria is unequivocally on my side, even as she gently nudges me beyond my comfort zone. As a direct result of working with Maria, I have acquired a multi-million dollar client, and several more highly desirable potential new clients are in the pipeline. My investment in working with Maria has already paid for itself many times over."

Cynthia B., Patent Attorney